Through my research I have recently examined another government auction listing service I have heard other people rave about; it’s called Gov-Auctions.

police impound auctionsTo make it short (cause I know you want facts), here are the major reasons why you should check it out:

  • access to over 10,000 government and police auction vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs, bikes…) so you find the vehicle you are looking for
  • includes private vehicle and property auctions: an even larger choice for vehicles’ auctions starting as low as $100
  • a one-time fee to access the service: you control your expense, no hidden fees
  • 8 weeks satisfaction guarantee so you can rest assured of the quality service you get
  • clear information on all auction vehicles through website so you save time picking the right auctions
  • and much more…

I could go on and on, but I think the best thing would be to check the site out for yourself now. Click HERE to access the site.

I would appreciate your feedback once you have checked it out.

Police impound auctions topics

Police Impound Auctions

Police impound auctions are held all over the US. They are becoming increasingly popular to buy used or almost new cars, trucks, jewelry and property at ridiculously low prices, from 20% to 90% off their real market values. But… simply knowing about them does not guarantee that you will be able to profit from them: you first have to know where to find the best local or national police impound auctions, then you have to know how to really profit from them in order to save the most.

This online guide will show you what you need to know about police impound auctions: where to find the top auctions in your area, how to make sure you get the best price for your vehicle or other auction item, and finally what to watch out for so you don’t end up buying junk. You will also find our personal reviews of the top police and government auction listing services available online.

Police impound auctions topics

Some of the online membership sites giving you information and access to government, police and private car auctions cover both local and online car auctions. Some of them offer only access to local car auctions. So the question you should ask yourself is: is it worth spending the extra buck by subscribing to those services that also give access to online car auctions (if it is more expensive, which it isn’t necessarily).

In my experience, and from the research I have done, how much money you can save and how quickly you can find the vehicle of your choice in terms of make, model, year, color… depends on how much coverage you get. In other words, the more auctions you can browse, locally (city, county) or nationally (other states), the more effective you will be. So, the first criteria to look for when choosing an online service to gain access to car auctions info is how much coverage on live auctions they have: how often they are updated, how many they have in their database, if they keep on adding auction events, how detailed the information they are providing on the auctions and the vehicles being auctioned. These kind of questions. As a second criteria, you want comfort and speed. And if you can browse an online auction and even participate in it from the convenience of your computer desk, then that`s an additional benefit: you save time while at the same time broadening the market in which you are looking for the vehicle of your dreams.

So, in essence, while not essential to find bargains on your next vehicle, online car auctions are certainly a big plus. There is a site that makes a comparison review of  impounded cars for sale auctions. You should check out their reviews to see which one suits you best, before deciding on any.

Police impound auctions topics

Although the term “police car auctions” can be confused for “police impound auctions”, what I want to talk about here is auctions held to sell used police cars to the highest bidders.

Now, I don’t know how much you know about police cars, but let me tell you a few points you should keep in mind:

  • police cars receive systematic and regular check-ups and maintenance
  • police cars and trucks (and other police vehicles) have to perform well, so you only find reliable models
  • often police cars get enhanced modifications to a model to perform better than the standard model
  • police vehicles have a short turnover time, meaning they are re-sold after only a couple years of use

What this all mean is that if you buy police cars at police car auctions, you will surely get your hands on a reliable, well-performing car that has been well taken care of. To make sure you pay find out early about police car auctions in your area selling police vehicles, check out one of the better rated auction alert services mentioned on this site.

Good luck, and please let us know your experience with police cars bought at auctions.

Police impound auctions topics

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If you are serious about saving a maximum amount of money and time with police impound auctions, then you owe it to yourself to make sure you are using trusted sources for the auction listings.

I have personally subscribed to several auction listing membership sites, and some do not live up to their promises. The one I personally recommend is Gov-Auctions which you can access by clicking on the Start HERE button above to try out. The membership site gives you access to a very large selection of local, city, state and federal auctions for impound cars, trucks, autos, boats, other vehicles, properties and houses, as well as jewelry and many other luxury and non luxury items. You will be able to pinpoint the auctions featuring the make, model and year of the auto you are searching for, or any other item for that matter. You can also search within a specific local area, or determine how wide you are willing to travel to buy that dream car (or other item) to save thousands of dollars.

spcrluxurycar_opt_200The membership area also gives you access to many online auctions so you can actually purchase from the comfort of your home.

I have used their services to find and buy a 2008 BMW 328xi on which I saved more than $12,400.

I am confident that you will be able to do just the same. Anyway, try it out now, if you are serious about saving money on your new vehicle purchase, you should definitely consider this option. It is risk-free, as you have a 60 days 100% satisfaction guarantee or you can claim your money back (which I do not think you will take up as the service is great and lets you save multiple times the one-time membership fee.

Click HERE to learn more about this service.


Police impound auctions topics

Every year, thousands of vehicles are repossessed and impounded, both by various government agencies, as well as by banks. Many of these vehicle’s owners are never able to regain ownership of their vehicles, leaving the IRS, FBI, police departments and banking institutions with a surplus of unwanted vehicles. These agencies turn to impound auto auctions, where vehicles are sold to the general public. Due to certain laws regulating the sale of impounded vehicles and designed to keep agencies from profiting from impounding, vehicles are listed much lower than their actual value. At the end of the auction, these vehicles are sold for a fraction of their book value, sometimes at a savings of over ninety percent.

What all of this means is that every day, hundreds of vehicles are being sold at a fraction of what they are worth, to consumers just like you. Unfortunately, many Americans believe their only option when purchasing a used vehicle is used car dealerships. But impound auto auctions have an infinitely better selection than the local used car dealerships, and offer much better savings. There are a few ways to go about finding legitimate auctions where you can feel confident bidding on and buying previously impounded vehicles.

Your first option would be to look for live auctions in your city and/or state. There are websites available that allow you to choose your state and/or city, and they list various information about impound auto auctions in your area, including hours of operation, dates of upcoming auctions, and of course the auto’s details. In most cases, you can search for the exact vehicles you are looking for, in order to narrow down the auctions you would like to attend.

Your second option is to look for online auctions. There are a variety of legitimate and trustworthy impound auto auctions websites on the Internet, saving you the trouble of attending an auction in person. In addition, many of these websites work with impounding agencies all over the country, increasing the likelihood of finding the exact vehicle you want. An added bonus is that many of these websites also offer other merchandise that has been seized, such as jewelry, art, and even homes. There is a wealth of seized property available through auctions, and every item is available at a significantly lower price that it is actually worth. A smart consumer looking to purchase a used vehicle will take advantage of these online auctions.

Finally, we have found that GovAuctionAlert offers the best impound auto auctions coverage across the US, featuring access to both online and live vehicle and property auctions. Currently, for a very limited time only, they run a full-access 7-day trial for less than $2, so you should check them out to see if you can grab your next auto at an auction and save a substantial amount of money.

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Funny Auction Video

I came across this really funny british video on “how you can buy everything at auctions”. Not directly related to police impound auctions, but I am sure you will laugh as much as we did. With this video, “flying high auctions” takes all its meaning…

Police impound auctions topics

This video is an excerpt of MoneyTalks show. It explains how you can make incredible savings on a car purchase by using public auctions for impounded cars. As we thought this could be of use to our visitors we have eatured it directly on our site. It doesn’t tell you where to go exactly, but hey, that’s what this site is there for! Make sure you watch it!

Police impound auctions topics

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